Colored Pencils

Back in 1995, I sharpened my pencils and set to work as an independent editor and writing coach. It’s a decision I’ve never regretted. It gives me huge satisfaction to work with publishers and to meet writers; to learn what they’re trying to accomplish in their manuscripts, and then help them do exactly that—to the very best of their abilities, and mine.

During the past 15 years, I’ve refined book-length texts for traditional print publishers in the academic and literary arenas; I’ve also gone digital, shaping content for leading-edge online publications and digital education ventures. I have worked with several independent publishers since their inception, most notably serving as Senior Manuscript Editor for Other Voices Books, the short-fiction imprint launched in 2005 and currently published by DZANC.

The cultivation of long-term relationships extends to individual writers as well, whom I’ve coached across a variety of genres and subjects, ranging from historical (or purely invented) fiction to global economics.

What makes me successful? The same things that make me happy: I’ve got a passion for words, for clear communication, and for creative expression. As a published author, I also understand the writing process from the inside-out. Finally, let’s not forget that if you’re looking for an editor, it’s because you want an audience. Before beginning my editorial career, I spent close to five years in marketing and public relations, working for top-level employers such as Ogilvy, Adams & Rinehart (now Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide), Edelman Public Relations, and the Chicago Sun-Times. My work in marketing spanned diverse industries and subjects such as travel and tourism, healthcare, education, technology, hospitality, and food and beverage.

Well, and there was my ninth grade English teacher, who drilled the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation so deep that I can still diagram sentences in my sleep. (A hint to aspiring authors: publishers love clean copy!)